Guided Ocean Dives

The second largest reef in the world is the reef located outside Playa del Carmen, Mexico which starts over here and goes down to Belize, Hounduras, Nigaragua…second only to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Our guides, who are PADI Instructors/DM with years of experience in the field, are able to lead you through this most beautiful reef of the Caribbean or in the amazing cavern or caves of the area. The group will have max 4 people if cavern diving, 3 for cave diving, and 6-8 people for ocean diving with 2 guides if 8 people are in a group. We like to say that we focus on safety and making your time fun and enjoyable.

Ocean Diving General Information

Water temperature is around 78-85 F, 25-30 C with a visibility of 20 to 40 meters. We will check that you set up your equipment in a correct way and help you if needed. We will be ready to explore some of the best location of the area based on your level of certification. During the dives you will be able to encounter sea turtles, tarpoons, green morays, eagle rays, sea horses, groupers, etc… and during the coldest months (November to March) manta rays, nurse sharks, bull sharks and if we are lucky whale sharks. Our staff  will guide you taking care of your safety and fun. We usually try to plan computer dives and have 40 to 45 min surface interval.

Private OCEAN diving guided tour and group diving guided tours are also available and we offer customer oriented ocean dives. We do also organised dives in Cozumel with one of our guides accompanying you if  you request so.