Sacred Mayan Underwater Cenotes/Caverns/Caves

Cenotes are magical and unique. They were in the past the only resource for fresh, sweet water in the local Yucatan jungle. The Mayans considered the cenotes as sacred places and they thought they represented the entrance to the underworld.

Planning and Organization of Cenote/Cavern Diving

Cenote/cavern dives are guided diving tours of a cavern in an overhead environment filled with cristal clear water. All divers should be minimum open water certified. Divers should always remain within the sun light, the entrance visibility and sight of the cavern line.

The average temperature of the cenote water is 77°F. Cenote Diving is best during the morning hours because of the rays of the sun reflecting in the water. We will meet you between 8:00 and 9:00 am (your preference) and after reviewing the gear and your certification requirements, we will continue on to the cenotes. Included in the tour price are tanks, weights, lights, entrance fees to the cenotes soft drinks, snacks and the guide.

4 divers per guide is the maximum allowed number of divers for each group. If more people are interested we do have extra guides available. Our guides are Full Cave Certified and equipped with full cave diving gear, have available Oxygen/First Aid kits and be certified to administer them, and have successfully completed a ” Cavern Guide Program”.

Cenote Angelita and the Pitt are the deepest sickholes in the area. These two dives are suggest to advanced divers with experience in deep diving.

Safety Limitations

Divers must always remain within the natural daylight zone, at maximum 60 m/200ft from the surface. The maximum depth for a cavern dive is 21m-70ft. The minimum visibility is 15m-50ft. Divers may only go in large passages where at least 2 divers can comfortably get through and dive within “no decompression limits”. The cavern zone has usaully a guideline which the cavern guide has to follow together with his/her group swimming within “arm length” of the guideline that leads back to the open water. The border between cavern and cave areas is signaled with a STOP or WARNING SIGN. Divers who are not certified as cave divers have not to dive beyond these warning signs. We use for air management the “rule of thirds” and we divers in single tank have to exit with a minimum of 60bar-900psi.

Tanks, air, and applicable taxes are included
Equipment rental is available request.