Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya, Mexico

Guided Ocean Dives

The second largest reef in the world is the reef located outside Playa del Carmen, Mexico which starts over here and goes down to Belize, Hounduras, Nigaragua...second only to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Our guides, who are PADI Instructors/DM with years of experience in the field, are able to lead you through this most beautiful reef of the Caribbean or in the amazing cavern or caves of the area. The group will have max 4 people if cavern diving, 3 for cave diving, and 6-8 people for ocean diving with 2 guides if 8 people are in a group. We like to say that we focus on safety and making your time fun and enjoyable.

Ocean Diving General Information

Water temperature is around 78-85 F, 25-30 C with a visibility of 20 to 40 meters. We will check that you set up your equipment in a correct way and help you if needed. We will be ready to explore some of the best location of the area based on yopur level of certification. During the dives you will be able to encounter sea turtles, tarpoons, green morays, eagle rays, sea horses, groupers, etc... and during the coldest months (November to March) manta rays, nurse sharks, bull sharks and if we are lucky whale sharks. Our staff  will guide you taking care of your safety and fun. We usually try to plan computer dives and have 40 to 45 min surface interval.

Private OCEAN diving guided tour and group diving guided tours are also available and we offer customer oriented ocean dives. We do also organise dives in Cozumel with one of our guides accompaning you if  you request so.

Please contact us to ask for prices and packages using the contact form or writing at infoenjoydiving@gmail.com.

Ocean Dive Sites in Playa del Carmen   

Cerebros, the Spanish word for 'Brain' is located in the Northern part of Playa del Carmen reefs. The coral formations of the reef create a landscape of areas to explore and wander around. Along the middle section and at the end of the reef you will find some beautiful arches to swim through. Minimum depth 6m-20ft and maximum depth 14m-50ft.

This reef took the name after two arches located along the reef. It is a relatively deep dive (minimum depth 21m-70 ft and maximum depth 30m-100 ft). The wall sections are covered with hard corals, sponges and fan corals while on the sandy areas you can find turtles, groupers and stingrays, schools of fish, moray eels and many crabs and lobsters.

Green Wall (Pared Verde in Spanish) is a really different wall because of its formation and its sections of walls which are split by sloping hills of sand. Its spectacular coral formations are full of small and large marine life. You may spot spiny lobsters, king crabs, turtles, sting rays and sharks. After approximately 3/4 of the dive you will come a cross a cavern with a chimney which exits at the top plateau of the reef. The minimum depth is 21m-70ft while its maximum depth is 30m-100 ft.

A nice wall stretching from 21m-70 ft to the sandy bottom at 30m-100 ft. You can enjoy a large variety of corals, barrel sponges, lobsters, moray eels, king crabs and many others... Look inside the large barrel sponges to find the king crabs and look around to spot the hawksbill turtle and in winter time you may be lucky to encounter bull sharks and spotted eagle rays.

Moche Shallow is a short reef full of marine life and an abundance of small coral formations. Its minimum depth is 7m-24ft and its maximum depth is 14m-50ft. At the end of the reef we will go through a small arch packed with fish and sponges.

Probably the longest and shallowest dive site in Playa Del Carmen (minimum depth 6m-20 ft and maximum depth 12m-40 ft). You will encounter sections of garden with vegetation and small coral heads. Staying on the fringe of the reef and you will reach one of the coral cavern areas which is one of the best sections of the reef. You will encounter schools of fish here while looking for hidden creatures.

The 'garden' like vegetation has given this site its name. You will enjoy a variety of sponges, hard corals and fan corals, sea whips. Furthermore you will remain astonished by the abundance of marine life including green and spotted moray eels. Its minimum depth is 6m-20 ft and its maximum depth is 12m-50 ft.

A dive site well known in the area for the presence of schools of Tarpon fish that can still ocasionally been seen here. The reef consists of hard and soft corals of all variations as well as many kinds of fish. Near the end of the dive you will find a small cavern for exploration. The minimum depth of the dive site is 6m-20 ft and the maximum depth is 14m-50 ft.

Barracuda is our usual second dive after the Tortugas Reef (Turtle Reef). The reef looks like a hand with five open fingers. There are small holes to explore along the reef and you may spot some barracudas, turtles and rays. Almost at the end of the dive we will swim through a shallow cavern that will take you to an exit on the top of the reef. Its minimum depth is 6m-20 ft and its maximum depth is 14m-50 ft.

Totugas (the Spanish word for Turtles) is one of most popular dive sites in Playa Del Carmens due to the large quantity of sea turtles which you may encounter. The reef is relatively flat with a gradual slope from 16m-55ft to 30m-100ft, and is covered with corals and enormous barrel sponges.

This former shrimp boat was sunk in 1995 and since then the coral growth has proceeded rapidly. Once on the wreck descend to the sand and drift along the side of the wreck until you reach the stern where you will find the propeller. Move up into the lower decks and explore the inside rooms. Then make your way onto the top deck and watch the Barracudas hanging around the mast. This dive is only suitable for advanced divers due to the depth and the strong current that can be present. (Minimum depth 21m-70 ft and maximum depth 30m-100 ft).



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